#201, 139 Jahamun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul Korea

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Artpot 2.8+

Taeyoung Lee, Min Shin / Republic of Korea

Design Statement

ArtPot 2.8+ is a nomadic micro-gallery where artists communicate with public and they meet artworks,their self-identities & souls. Artworks don’t have to only be presented in galleries and theatres, but canbreak out of these spaces and ingrain itself into a community in the city centre, as well as in everydayplaces. The architectural exploration focuses on expanding the limits of everyday creativity by suggestingreinterpretations of conventional working and exhibition spaces for art (artist) in the city questioning therestricted access to exhibition spaces as well as draws attention to the insufficient number of exhibitionspaces in the city.



The 2015 annual statistics shows an artist only had 2.8 of exhibitions on average per year. There aren’tenough space for artists, the rental fee is too high even to mid-career artists. The difficulty for youngerones to find good platforms to expose themselves to the public leads to isolation from where they live andwork. We need an ecology of small, medium and large spaces to be able to nurture young artists andcurate them as the next generation of artists and curators in creative industries where they are exploringtheir self-identity through artworks.



Artists are among the most vulnerable victims of so-called gentrification. Unlike the past when variouscultures could grow, Hongdae area has long been disappeared by the spaces where artists have beenactive due to continuous commercialization. Despite the fact that they formed the unique culture & identityof Hongdae area they had to find themselves displaced from the neighborhoods after they settled downand formed their own community. Providing a new type of exhibition space, which is a shelter for souls ofyoung artist as well as interconnecting points with public, it will enable to restore the identity and culturaldiversity of Hongdae area.



Artworks are representation of self-identity of artists, his other self, his soul. As a shelter for them, theirother selves it has to function not only as a protection from outside but also as a linking platform with thecommunity.ArtPort2.8+ is a privatized pocket that is also transformable for other programmatic needs from acomplete isolation to public exposure. It is a space of appreciation as well as interaction based on anopen platform concept which provides the basic space for its occupants’ demands. It will also create theawareness of the condition of timeless moment and a connection between inner and outer space(subjective and objective).The steel frame of floor & mounting wall provides stability of the structure as well as sustainability withprefabricated industrial materials, perforated metal panel and polycarbonate. The hinged stackingwooden beams provides an adaptable space that creates different levels of openness and intimacy withthe artists. It will also accommodates various programs, artworks ensuring constant adherence to theoccupants' needs.