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Pod to Querencia

Jung min Yoo, Kyung min Lee / Republic of Korea


Describe a marginalized person you choose.

  • Age  25

  • Sex  Male

  • The person’s major condition you are trying to deal with.

1. Every day is a bad day. He's exhausted all the time and seems to be indifferent towards work or home life.

2. He claims that he feels helpless, trapped, defeated and finds most of the surroundings to be detached from him. Stress seems to be overwhelming. He expresses negative, cynical outlooks of everyday objects.

3. Motivation, ideals, hope, aspects that you require for healthy life of a soul seems to be blunted.

  • Describe the design intent for the chosen person.

1. Alienated Space / As the biggest factor of burn out syndrome is the work, pavilion's form was edesigned to be strange and very abnormal from any environment it's situated in.

2. Closed Space for Reflection / Anteriors were closed and constructed with seamless fabrics so that the user could be isolated from the existing atmosphere, reflecting and meditating for himself only.

3. Framed Nature and Its Resulting Equanimity / Inducement of the sky as a minimum factor for the context of Pavilion allows one to concentrate on oneself and encourages him to think that there are aspects of the world that are actually enjoyable.

4. Recalling the Past Through Scent / Studies have shown that particular scents are very closely related to past self. Scent of sea, tree, and soil are specially arranged for the user accordingly to his home town to re-learn what kind of past he is built on.


Design Statement

Our scenario of a pavilion starts with a story of a very common, everyday worker that you might just see outside of your house at Seoul. This particular worker, who is a dear friend of us, does not differ from any of the other workers at the city. From time to time he complains that he doesn't feel like a man of value and says that he feels indifferent and devastated towards every happenings that surrounds him. Shortly after the 'common' complaint of our friend, we did not take long to figure out that he was experiencing symptoms of 'Burnt Out Syndrome.' This pavilion is dedicated to our friend. We hope this shelter of us would provide an escape hole to one's very own Querencia, a very private inner place of one's heart, a space for one's soul to recover.

Observation gives the first impulse to the development of experience. The pavilion is consisted of strange, abnormal mass, a mass that resembles a space pod. This strategy is intended for the user to feel alienated from whatever situation he/she is held in. Whether that may be work, worries from daily problems, stressful environment that just follows you anywhere you go. Exteriors were designed with usage of paint that increases the abnormality of the pavilion.

We believe that aesthetic experiences form the whole, with the background of everyday life and the weakened things that triggered those experiences. Watching quality through the soul satisfies the desire for communion and transforms into the enjoyment of this and the next qualities which in turn lead to a new aesthetic value in one's life. A sense of recovery of one's soul was the primary value in designing the pod. Our design of the interior developed accordingly to this belief. Four atmospheric programs, space were designed intended towards the user; a form and interior that is isolated from the situated environment, comfortable seats fabricated with curvatures that embraces the user's sitting stance, framed nature for the minimum context that user will experience once inside the pavilion, scents that evokes the memories of one's past.

Materials are also designed accordingly to the programs described above. To fabricate the mass, design method of waffle frame is used for the structure. Each pieces of the wooden waffle frame are laser cut. Facade is constructed with clear water hoses painted with holographic paint to seem secluded from the existing environment. These water hoses are cut and put up on the waffle structure. Interiors are closed with white fabrics seamlessly to form a quite, private atmosphere for one to concentrate on oneself, a contrast from the abnormal exterior. The mass designed as a chair is held up with trusses that is connected to the concrete anchor. Scent vessels were situated on a bracket that is put up on a entry surface that is able to be closed from the inside.