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Shahed Mohammadzadeh Yengiabad, Behnam Darzi Kouhestani, Elaheh Mohammadzadeh Yengiabad / Iran


Describe a marginalized person you choose.

  • Age  40

  • Sex  Male

  • The person’s major condition you are trying to deal with.

1. A very huge earthquake occurred on 12th November 2017 that destroyed his house and due to lack of facilities, he’s been living in a box office for a long time.

2. Another disaster which was a very enormous flood, occurred on 26th March 2019 and in the same area and for the second time put him in a really tough circumstance.

  • Describe the design intent for the chosen person.

1. Inner dome shape of the structure, gives the feeling of immaterialism and peace to the person and the square form of the structure’s bottom, induces the feeling of a tiny house.
Being in this situation makes the individual to be released of any kinds of crowd in the region and gain a space completely personal and private to relax.
The different and special form of the structure makes the hurt person to experience being in a new space and in addition, to feel a complete personal environment.


Design Statement

The circle in ancient Iranian´s belief was considered as the most perfect and beautiful geometrical shape, the symbol of perfection, time, survival, immortality, sun and the sky; and since it represents the summary of sun, it’s the symbol of the window which transfers the God´s light onto the ground.

The square is the symbol of certainty, stability, firmness and static, also the symbol of the earth on where human beings are born.

The triangle is the symbol of balance and it´s the most stable geometrical shape, it looks firm as a mountain, triangle is the symbol of thought and brightness, coordination and fitness and due to its three sideways, it refers to the number three which is very holy in ancient Iranian culture. The number three is the symbol of the most important lesson of Zoroastrianism in ancient Iran which are good word, good deed and good thought; this number is also the symbol of birth, life and death; woman, man and child; past, present and future.

In eastern architecture, the shapes of circle, triangle and square have been used a lot beside each other, for example, in the temples of Hindus, Buddhists´ stupas and Muslims´ mosques, we can see these three geometrical shapes used beside each other.

If we consider the circle as the symbol of immortal universe and immortal, spiritual and divine world; the square as the symbol of the earth, and material also touchable world; the triangle as endless rising, then with the combination of these three simple geometrical shapes, we can represent a summary of the world we are living in; the world which is summarized in three shapes of circle, square and triangle.

We have defined the color white for the structure, because the circle refers to the immortal and never-ending universe and it is the color that makes the audience feel peace and relaxed inside, and in damaged area by either natural or artificial disasters, due to the probable lack of electricity, it can be noticed during the darkness at nights.

Our project is submitted for a survived person from two natural disasters one after another in one area in Kermanshah province in Iran. In this region, a very huge earthquake occurred on 12th November 2017 that destroyed many houses and caused many people to die, and after that, another disaster which was a huge flood, occurred on 26th March 2019 and caused a severe damage but unfortunately, many houses of those areas haven´t been rebuilt yet and many people are still living in box offices.

Our suggested structure is so simple and also portable, and the injured or hurt person can be accommodated in it for a short time so the rebuilding process of the region is over.

The whole shelter is located on legs as basements in order to deal with surface water. The shelters basement is considered in square form and is built using metal profiles of Aluminum (which is resistant to moisture and decay) and the distances between them are filed using sheets made of recycling plastic.

The main structure, on which a tent is installed, is made of four hollow-square profiles which are connected together and also to the bottom structure using hinges, and the tent is connected to the central point on top of the tent´s entrance using spring bars.


Two air entrances are considered for the tent, so when it´s needed, the air can flow through the shelter. The color of the tent should be white so any kind of dirt is visible easily.

There are three reasons that inside the shelter, a hanging trip-bed is located for the person to rest and sleep, which are:
   1- Being far enough from the ground´s moisture
   2- Being far enough from probable dirt on the ground
   3- Using the free space under the hanging trip-bed to keep accessories.
    The hanging trip-bed can be opened.

All materials used in this shelter, are completely recyclable and whole structure can be recycled.