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for a Backpacker

Lin Wan / China 


Describe a marginalized person you choose.

  • Age   21

  • Sex  Male

  • The person’s major condition you are trying to deal with.

1. As a backpacker, it's hard to find a free private space when travel in another city since he normally books hostile accommodation and share room with others.

2. It's hard to maintain dignity when eating outdoor, or get exhausted and sweaty after long-time walking, which would cause a vicious circle.

3. Experience the local life like a 'local' may cause conflicts, it makes him feel himself a homeless outsider, have totally no 'space' of the visiting sites.

  • Describe the design intent for the chosen person.

1. Create a space that offers drinkable water and allow washing the dirty face or hands, without disturbing.

2. Give a individual space that can prevent from bad weather and society attack, to make him felt safe.

3. Shape a peaceful courtyard that can let the nature calm him down, removing the tiredness.

4. Give chance to stay in harmony with the local community.


Design Statement

The ‘one’ I choose:
When I decided to accept this task, I was struggling to organize a journey as a young ‘backpacker’ and quite frustrated. It reminds me of the friends who also dreamed to travel all around the world on a tight budget and suffered lots of practical problems: the idea for travelling is not looking a ‘packaged’ beautiful world but learning different society, so it’s important to experience the local life. But since the backpackers normally book accommodation in hostile, they have no private space and have no place to stay except for consuming place or visiting sites, while the community spaces are more likely occupied by a fixed local group. It always causes awkwardness, really disheartens a young heart.
I felt that the backpackers (here mainly refers to the young) are actually the group needs some help.

So here I chose one of my friend, a 21-year-old backpacker who is in university and supports himself after 18.
After communication, there’s three main points I would like to offer-preserving dignity, private space for calming down, chance to stay ‘together’ with the local.

Design development:
What comes the first is clean and drinkable water. no matter having food, getting exhausted after long time traveling, or getting sweaty, water is always the best for helping recover both physically and emotionally.
Consider together with the private space that could give the sense of proprietary, close wall was introduced.
Then you started to imagine a private courtyard, where you have plants and sky.
To be more friendly to the site and allow more possibilities, the close wall was opened, lifted up, shifted into a protected part and a curved semitransparent part. Now from inside you can see some activities outside without disturbing them and the neighbors can also share the plants.

Overall proposal:
The space was carefully shaped by the users’ movement, from how he gets closed to the entrance, opens the door, washes hands, takes off shoes and sits or lies on the platform, and looks outside or watches the nature, puts his feet on the white gravel to release the pain after long-walking, until how he leaves. It’s as relaxing as the childhood memory at home.
And it’s always “double sides’ , offers friendly space to the passerbys.
At the same time, different part could be used separately after this, like the water filter roof. It guarantees self-satisfied and have more flexibility. Sustainable is not just about recycling material, but making full use.

Material and installation :
The protecting part and supporting structures are dark metal-given firm protection while the curved wall is semitransparent fabric-softly embraces you.
As what the panel shows, each single part could be assembled speratedlly and just connect together.