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My Tower

Ziqi Zhang, Yitong Sun / China

Design Statement

Explain cleary the main theme, concept, design development, material, method of installation through only by text

Theme My Tower

Our design concept is to design a soul tower for a vagrant.
It is a tower with all his possessions hanging and wandering with him.
It is a tower that protects him from the natural and social invasion of the outside world.
It is a tower that created for him a rectangular sky that could take him to the depths of his soul.
It is a tower grow with his in metabolism.
This is the tower of his life.

We first identified the design person, then made proposals according to his physical, spiritual and action needs, finally we chose the most accessible and poetic solution. Aluminum alloy is chosen to provide a firm framework for the tower, Linoleum and Bioplastics are used as surface covers, users can assemble their own rods on the frame.

At the beginning of the construction, we will build the skeleton of the tower directly by welding, cover it with linoleum and bio-plastics so that it won't be too permeable, then, the construction will be completely handed over to the user, who can put everything he wants to stick to and hang on the tower, remove and replace the unwanted surface. On rainy days, he can hang his umbrella on the top of the tower to avoid getting caught in the rain. This will be a tower that follows the user's metabolism.


the overall proposal, with proposal title.
At the beginning, we talked to each other about various groups of people, young people with high pressure, bullied children and so on. Then we talked about a person who was popular in China's short video software, with ragged clothes, dirty hair, beard dregs--- a completely vagrant look. But he can talk about Zhou Yafu, a famous general of the Western Han Dynasty, Wang Shouren, a thinker of the Ming Dynasty, many ancient books can be interpreted by him with a few words, occasionally with two books to be read on his knee. Further searches revealed that he liked to collect garbage because of his own environmental protection concept, which conflicts with his work company, then he was considered neuropathic and forced to become a vagrant.


So, we decided to design a tower of life for a vagrant who was forced to live in exile, but had some unconventional thoughts in his heart, to accommodate him and grow with him.
Through the analysis of his physical needs--- sleeping, spiritual needs--- reading, display and action needs--- garbage collection, vagrancy, so we designed a shelter which can accommodate him, be mobile and composed of his property garbage. Formally, we borrowed the contraction form of the tower to create a rising, open-air, wrapped but deep space; constructively, we only designed the structural part to provide a preliminary surface, leaving the surface freedom of the tower entirely to the user, who can hang his garbage property on wherever he wanted to, and eventually created a metabolic tower, grows with him.


This tower of life not only give him shelter by garbage property he has collected, but also shows the unmodified garbage to the public, hoping to alleviate the unhealthy phenomenon of garbage collection, which is excluded by the social values, so that everyone can respect the people who live by garbage collection or who have the habit of garbage collection. We hope that whenever he hides in his tower of life, he can calm down and relax. He can read books quietly, look around and check his treasure, lie down relaxed and look at the far but clear sky of his own. In this way, the tower goes far beyond the meaning of a simple space and becomes his spiritual shelter.