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1. Application​

   1-1. Q: How many registration forms do one team of 2-3 members need to submit?
           A: A team is only required to submit one registration form.

   1-2. Q: Is there any restriction to attend the competition?            

          A: No, there are no restrictions to attend the competition.

              Please see 'Eligibility of Entry' section under Application Guideline page.


   1-3. Q: Can I register and change later the members of my team after registration?           

          A: Yes, but you can add, eliminate or change your team members by June 14 2019.

   1-4. Q: Is there any age restriction?

           A: No. 

   1-5. Q: Is my team able to submit more than one proposal?

           A: No, You must submit one proposal as long as you register one.

   1-6. Q: Is the competition restricted only to students or professionals?

          A: No, competition is open to not only students or professionals(architects, designers) but who even wants to show his or her

               ideas about this competition.

   1-7. Q: I am not studying architecture, can I participate?
           A: Yes! People from other disciplines can also participate, such as designers, painters, sculptors, engineers, philosophers,

               sociologists, photographers, etc.  



2. Regarding the proposal​

   2-1. Q: Are there any size, height, scale, and scope restrictions for the proposed shelter?            

          A: No, however, the proposal must be suitable for installation in a public space with human scale otherwise it might be hard to

               make/deliver on the site. 

   2-2. Q: Can the proposed design be intended for many people, such as a community center or intended for one person,

               such as a small shelter?           

          A: The proposed shelter should be designed for one person.

   2-3. Q: When preparing for the proposal, is it necessary for participants to get involved in a selected minority or know the

               situation of a marginalized group in their community?             

          A: It is not required for participants to have personal relationships to a specific minority or marginalized group.

   2-4. Q: Can one applicant submit two or three proposals?            

          A: No, one applicant must submit only one proposal.

   2-5. Q: What is the meaning of “season” for durable structure?           

          A: "Season" for durable structure refers to a structure that can be sustained and maintained for at least for 1 season

               (e.g. spring, summer, fall, or winter).

   2-6. Q: What is the meaning of “mobile”?            

          A: "Mobile structure" refers to a structure that can be disassembled and reassembled at different sites with the concept of


3. Regarding the Installation​

   3-1. Q: Besides the US$1,000 stipend, is there any other support for the installation?            

           A: In the case where the cost of installation exceeds US$1,000, the committee may consider the participant’s situation and

               coordinate a sponsor who can provide additional support. Moreover, we may arrange at least an installation coordinator when

               a participant installs a proposal.

   3-2. Q: Are there any restrictions to the installation site?            

           A: There are no restrictions to the installation site. Participants are responsible for considering how to situate and install the 

               proposed shelter with safe and harmless materials. In other words, if the proposed design incorporates nearby surroundings,

               the participant is responsible for making the installation feasible.

   3-3. Q: Are participants required to attend the installation in Seoul?            

           A: Yes, however, if there are visa or funding issues, the committee can consider the participant's situation.

   3-4. Q: Are participants responsible for installing the proposed shelter in Seoul?            

           A: Selected participants are responsible for installing the proposed shelter in Seoul. However, since there may be opportunities

                to exhibit the selected shelters at other locations, it is recommended to consider the mobility of the structure.

   3-5. Q: Should the shelter have plumbing and electricity?            

           A: Depending on the concept of the proposal, the participant may choose to include plumbing and electricity. However, it is highly

               recommended to consider basic elements for the meaning of the shelter.

   3-6. Q: Can the location for the design be anywhere?            

           A: The site is nowhere which means this could be non-territorial area so you might design your shelter depending on your

               concept. If selected, then your shelter will be constructed/installed specific area in Seoul followed by the decision of host

               organization. (This will be decided and announced later)

   3-7. Q: If an applicant does not enough money for the cost of installation, accommodation, and airfare,does the hosting

               group support the cost?

          A: Stipend can be provided to 10~15 finalists up to US$1,000, including installation, airfare, and accommodation. 

   3-8. Q: Is it possible that a shelter could be attached to existing structure or building?

           A: Yes.

   3-9. Q: Is it possible that a shelter could be dig into the ground?

           A: Yes.

   3-10. Q: Are the materials for a shelter restricted?

             A: No, but the materials must be safe and not harmful.

   3-11. Q: A shelter should be self-sustainable structure?

             A: No, can be a temporary structure.

4. Regarding the Submission​

   4-1. Q: How can I submit the proposal?            

           A: Participants are required to submit a ‘Submission Form’ along with the (1) A1 Panel and (2) a Design Statement via email


5. Regarding the Awards

   5-1. Q: Do participants need to attend the Awards Ceremony?            

           A: Yes, participants should attend the ceremony. However, in the case of visa issues or emergencies, the committee can

                consider the participant’s situation.

   5-2. Q: Does Korean Institute of Arhicts(KIA) sponsor visa for an international participant?

             A: No