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Ayga Yazici Altiparmak / Turkey


Describe a marginalized person you choose.

  • Age  18-40

  • Sex  Male/Female (mostly male)

  • The person’s major condition you are trying to deal with.

The person’s major condition you are trying to deal with:. The people who are examined, come from different cities/countries to Istanbul/Turkey and make their living by collecting used paper and recycle it. Particularly in Istanbul, the most important parts of the recycling system are paper collectors because most of people do not separate their waste. Consequently, paper collectors make money by removing the paper from the waste and recycling it. Most of them don't have a home to live in and they have to sleep in their paper collection carts. These vehicles are not suitable for their sleep but they never want to leave their vehicles and their papers. In fact, they have established a new life for themselves with waste papers.

  • Describe the design intent for the chosen person.

1. Shape. The house is a haven for everyone. Shelter design was made based on the house figure. Created according to user's needs


2. Multifunctional. The designed shelter is both large enough for one person to sleep and can be used by other people as a waste paper storage box. A system was developed to increase the awareness of people about paper separation. Each paper thrown into the box will contribute to the shelter of the paper collector. Papers can be used as, bedding filling and insulation material.


3. Material. The materials used in the shelter are the same as the materials used in paper trolleys. Burlap and iron profile. Burlap and paper filling at the bottom will make the person comfortable while lying. General usage area produced from polypropylene rope are the most commonly used packages for the transport and packaging of bulk goods such as debris and straw construction waste. It is often preferred because it is one of the most cost-effective solutions for stacking and transportation. It can be considered as the most suitable solution for transporting and stacking in dry and bulk products with its resistance to high and low temperatures and sunlight, liquid impermeability for laminated products, resistance to certain weights.

4. Awareness of responsibility: The designed shelter will be used by both the paper collector and other people. These boxes placed in different points of the city, people will realize that they need to separate the papers from other wastes. The following sentences will be written on the box/shelter: “ Give your used papers to him/her, and help him/her to create his/her shelter!”


5. Easy to use: The stored paper can be easily transferred to the paper vehicle and the box can be converted to shelter.