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Shelter for Today's Pregnant woman

Soyeun Cho, Dong hwi Shin / Republic of Korea


Describe a marginalized person you choose.

  • Age   34

  • Sex  Female

  • The person’s major condition you are trying to deal with.

1. A pregnant woman who is subjected to physical pain by changing the center of gravity of the body due to the increased load of the body

2. Lack of consideration for pregnant women in public transportation.

3. Despite the pregnant spends time in the station to avoid crowded subways, there is no waiting room for pregnant women.

  • Describe the design intent for the chosen person.

1. To embrace to comfort a pregnant woman who is being pressured into a social stress.

2. A leaning chair adapted to the change of the pregnant women’s body.

3. To block the uncomfortable social gaze approaching pregnant women, The entrance of the shelter is covered by weaving both sidewalls to the ceiling. Also, one side of the shelter is straight so it is possible to place next to the wall in the station. Naturally, it can reduce the size of the area of shelter that has to be exposed to people.

4. A program of consensus formation between non-pregnant people and pregnant women by expressing themselves. Depending on the user of the program, the exposed patterns on the shelter can be changed and various types of the vertical pattern can be seen.


Design Statement

Seats for Pregnant women in the Korean subway are decorated in pink and written below, "For tomorrow's main character." What is needed today is not a promise of the future, but a promise of respect and preciousness for the present being. I thought it was necessary to think about and respect not only future babies, but also current pregnant women. So, we focused on deeply studying the experience of pregnant women, from physical problems to psychological factors, and solving them.

This is a shelter where pregnant women are protected from physical and social stress in the subway station and express their existence to comforts pregnant women and forms a consensus between pregnant people and non pregnant people.

Pregnant women are treated as a person who is not welcomed and do not receive care. And they are not treated as a today’s protagonist because of the presence of the baby, the tomorrow’s protagonist

First, thay have social pressure. Pregnant women are obliged to bear the difficulties of pregnancy, and when they are exposed to difficulties, they are forced to silence more than empathize and comfort.
Second, Pregnant women feel their gaze toward their body to judge whether they are pregnant . When using public transportation, pregnant women feel the attitude of people who are bothered by the appearance of objects that need to be more caring than them.

Third, Pregnant women with physical changes and pain due to these changes should adapt to the environment designed on the basis of non pregnant women.
Finally, Presence of pregnant women is defined by the presence of the baby, thereby neglecting the esteem of the pregnant individual.


So, we try to find four keywords to solve those four problems.
First is “ Embrace As a pregnant woman cares for one life, the curve of melody embraces the pregnant woman, comforting her feelings of mental pressure
Second is “Block”. Preventing the sight of the source of social stress and protecting pregnant women.
Third is “Lean”. Customized design for pregnant women to relieve physical fatigue.
Last is “Sympathize”. A program that gives people a sense of respect by forming a consensus with pregnant woman as a same person. The pregnant woman records the experience and mood of the day. Others who see the record form a consensus with the pregnant woman.


And We build up this shelter by stacking the thin and long bamboo after twisting the bamboo.