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Showcase for Soul

Igar Tcherniavski / Republic of Belarus

Describe a marginalized person you choose.

  • Age   45

  • Sex   Female

  • The person’s major condition you are trying to deal with.

1. She is a woman with Down syndrom. All her life she lives with her father. Every morning she comes to the same place in the city for many years.

2. This is where she sells her balloons. The balloons are in her little cardboard box.
The woman stands in this place until the evening.

3. She is always smiling and happy when someone buys her balloons. She is always friendly and looks good.

  • Describe the design intent for the chosen person.

1. There is no door in this shelter because people with Down syndrome have an open soul.
To enter inside the shelter you need to duck. The action is an element of the game.

2. The entrance to the shelter is intentionally small to emphasize the psychological age of people with Down syndrome. They always remain children all their lives.

3. The yellow path invites us to turn off the usual road and meet unusual people.
The balloons along the yellow path create a rhythm effect.

4. This shelter is a place for open contact and at the same time an intimate space. This shelter is like a showcase in which we see the soul of these people – the soul of the Sunny child.



Design Statement

The main theme of the project is the social adaptation of people with Down syndrome in the modern city. Is there a possibility for such adaptation with the help of architectural function? Can it be successful? This theme is explored with the help of a shelter designed in the form of a showcase. This showcase is considered as furniture that was taken out of the house on the street – it can be an old wardrobe, chest of drawers or organ. But one of the main functions of the showcase is the demonstration of goods. Through this product we know who sells it. But my showcase isn't real. And the balloon trade isn't real either. It's childish.

The shelter is intended for temporary stay of one person with Down syndrome during the summer season. The scale of the shelter chosen specifically exaggerated, to figure human seemed less. This choice emphasizes the children's world of the soul of people with Down syndrome.

The material of the shelter is wood. Wood is a warm and eco-friendly material. The structure of the shelter is assembled by hand as furniture. The structure of the shelter consists of three high frames. These frames are filled with plywood panels. These frames are made of laminated wood (LVL). Each frame consists of two parts. These parts are connected to each other by means of mortise and tenon. These frames are connected to the wooden base and to the wall with metal elements. The base of the whole structure is made in the form of a wooden platform (deck). The platform can be moved from place to place on wheels made of high-strength polyurethane. The wheels are inside the platform. A glass roof is provided to protect the shelter from rain.