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Infinite Vessel

Jun young Back, Gyung jin Yoon / Republic of Korea


Describe a marginalized person you choose.

  • Age   40

  • Sex  Male

  • The person’s major condition you are trying to deal with.

1. It travels only to numerous destinations for the main object only. Without his destination.

2. Spend countless hours in a moving vehicle.

3. There is a lot of physical fatigue in the process of moving things.

  • Describe the design intent for the chosen person.

1. We wanted to create a small space to settle down and something to create his own movements.

2. A volume that is elevated to give him a lot of space in a small area and the soft outer skin surrounding him.

3. It consists of materials with natural elements to experience the changing process of nature. They are wood columns with a scent and touch and soft cloth in the form of wind.

4. Inside, the opening was minimized for the sake of a person. However, it is elevated from the outside and its broad form provides a brief shade for others.


Design Statement

Infinite vessel , a vessel for mobile workers who work in the process
I want to make a place where I can concentrate more on his soul. I wanted to settle down in one place and free him self from the physical moving body. However, I wanted to create a place where people can move freely. I wanted to make a space for his soul only.

Society is changing its spending pattern with an increase in single person households. As people began to consume a small amount of something on the Inter net, their relationships began to diminish. And then modern society where only the movement of things exists. A society in which things have become the main body Thus, there has been an increase in the number of people who work in isolation in the process. We call him a mobile worker.

His labor is as follows. It only travels to a number of fixed destinations. For the main object. His destination, however, seems to have not yet been decided. A worker who spends countless hours in a moving vehicle without settling in one place. In the process he is alienated from us or from society.

Gwanghwamun Square in Sejong ro, which is bound to be independent due to the occupancy of the vehicle. I'm going to build a shelf there that's in the process. It's a place completely alienated from a road symbolic to a mobile worker, just like that. A place surrounded by several lanes The sound of moving a lot of cars is his daily routine. I'm trying to give him his time in that routine. You get your own vibe when you're settled.

For him who spends his time in the process of moving, he wanted to create a small space to settle down and something to create his own movements. Something that is no longer a movement for things. A volume that is elevated to give him a lot of space in a small area and the soft outer skin surrounding him. The form is enough to escape from his environment, where he has seen the changing situation nonstop. An open space outside is like a window for a clear sky and light. Inside, it is designed for a
man who is thoroughly done. Outside, however, visual novelty and elevated and broad form provide them with a brief shade.

The material consisted of things that could have natural elements. Four thin wooden columns, light from the outside but rigid, 4 m high, have an alignment of wood that extends upwards. Its scent and form alone are like a branch enough. The interior is also covered with a very soft white cloth, which shows the shape of the wind. The swing shaped chair in it exists to create its own movement. The atmosphere for him focuses on himself and provides the rest of his soul.

The structure and interior were distinguished to design as temporary shelves. Assembling and dismantling were easy to design. Wood column, which is a vertical member, bolts the horizontal member in the form of a thin ring and supports it. Ring type steel has different roles at the top, the interruption and the bottom. The underlying metal was designed to support it as a whole and keep the wooden column away from the floor. It is also bolted to support the floor to support the type of structure extending
upwards. It of the interruption is connected to the swing's ring inside. The upper part holds the role of holding the wooden column in place and the inside cloth, like curtains.