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The Sea for Blind

Zhang Shuo, Zheng Wusan, Li Junlian / China

Design Statement

The device is designed for the blind, considering that the blind person has a more acute sense of hearing or smell than us, and has a stronger environmental perception than normal people, but because of limited visual defects, can not go to more places, missed many Good feelings. Therefore, we designed this “paper” for them to help them experience more different feelings.
The idea is that "a piece of origami is slowly unfolding, and there is a magical process in which there is a sea or a certain weather. This is what we want to do." From the perspective of public space, we intend to put it anywhere. The whole structure is designed to be a small, retractable mobile device for convenience. It can be used for people to visit during the event. The equipment can be unilaterally expanded up to 15 meters. Can form a 30-meter landscape wall.


The device center has built-in audio, humidifier, and fan equipment to simulate some weather and scenery, such as the seaside effect on the effect map. By collecting the sound of the sea, the effect of the seaside is simulated, and the wind speed of the fan is changed according to the size of the sound. . Let the blind people blow the wind and feel the beauty of the sea, thus giving them spiritual comfort.

According to the different angles of the baffles, the echo between the baffles can simulate different distances. The center 4 plates can reveal the wind, moisture and taste, and the natural sense of hearing, touch and smell can be maximized. Feel the nature in the city, this is what we think.